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Our Technology

Many people want to see hit new movies, but don’t want to go to the movie theater, for whatever reason, so we thought “why not bring the movie theater to you!” 
MobiTheater, is the first ever mobile movie theater and online movie theater where you can buy an online ticket to instantly watch the new hit movies on your PC, tablet, or phone.. anywhere with an internet connection! Just go to!

Who Are We?

My name is Jason Coleman, internet guru and entrepreneur. My interest is launching tech startups using web-based software. I have created several successful products and services in the past, but none have shown as much potential as MobiTheater. 

I created MobiTheater because of my huge interest in NEW movies, my HUGE disappointment in online Video On Demand providers like Netflix and Amazon or Hulu that mostly have only old movies, and the realization that others felt the same way and would gladly pay a one-time fee to see NEW movies online without having to visit a movie theater. 

For years, I have honed my experience in internet marketing, SEO, and development. I have launched several successful products and services online and have full confidence that MobiTheater will be a success with my efforts. 

I know how to create winning advertising and marketing campaigns online, and with a large enough budget, I can target the exact customers that are already searching online to watch the new movies, and handle as much traffic, sales, and viewers as our budget can throw at us.

What We Want to Do

Basically, there are two things stopping Hollywood and hit new movies from entering the “digital age”, and that’s Piracy and Profits… they don’t want to compete with traditional box office sales or risk their films being illegally downloaded.

MobiTheater solves both those problems by providing a secure way to stream the video on demand, in HD quality, to any internet device, at a fair price, without breaking the law – it’s a Win-Win-Win for everyone!

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To learn more, or help in other ways, please visit

and RATE WHICH MOVIES you would like to see, or REQUEST NEW MOVIES so we can show there is a demand for this, or leave us a comment with your suggestions or feedback!


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