Crowdfunding for Technology & Invention Projects

TechMoola is the place where Inventors and
Entrepreneurs Can Raise funds to Moove
Their Project to the Next Level

If you have an invention in any of the following categories and need funding to bring your project to market, then TechMoola is your answer!

What TechMoola's Cash Cow Does For You?

  • Help you raise from $1,000 to over $1,000,000 for your project that you DO NOT have to pay back or give equity stake.
  • Help you get publicity across multiple web platforms.
  • Allow you to offer cool rewards -TechTreasures- to your funders.
  • Let's you take advantage of crowd funding at its best!

What TechMoola Does and Does Not Do?

  • We DO allow you to raise project-specific funds.
  • We DO post your project to gain publicity and a support base.
  • We DO NOT have rights to your invention or intellectual property.
  • We DO NOT tell you how to run your business.
  • We DO NOT allow you to solicit investments or loans.

No upfront or out of pocket fees

Our awesome service is absolutely free to use

  • There are no fees to submit your project to TechMoola.
  • If selected, there are no fees to list your project on TechMoola.
  • A flat 10% fee is collected from fully funded projects which includes all third party fees.

Basic Techmoola Inventor Requirements

The basic requirements to list your project are:

  • Be a US resident and at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a social security number (or Employer identification Number).
  • US address & US state-issued ID (or driver's license).
  • PayPal account or US bank account.
To see specific requirements for listing your project, click here.