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Welcome to We are a unique platform for inventors, innovators and investors in the fields of technology and science.


We host a limited number of projects to provide our clients the maximum benefit and keep competition low. We help inventors spread the word through social media and other channels, including’s own community of technology enthusiasts.


Our simple, easy to use platform will have beginners to the world of crowdfunding running their own campaigns in no time. Our funding format is flexible, with a minimum amount required and a desired goal to which rewards can be adjusted.


Use our site to give your product free exposure to potential investors and partners, and gain followers for future projects. Since we are non-exclusive, you can run your primary or secondary campaign on to get the word out to more people, reach a new audience, fund a different stage of your project, or simply get more funding. Unlike crowdfunding sites which cater to more established brands, we welcome anyone to submit, and we provide equal opportunities.


Please read our Inventors, TechMoovers, and Help pages to learn more about our service and get started. Feel free to contribute to current projects you'd like to see make it. When you are ready to get started as an Inventor, fill out the questionnaire about your project and submit your proposal for review. Contact us if you need assistance with your project video, 3D visualization, prototype, or promotion beyond the site. We treat each project as if it was our own.


At we know how important your invention is to you and we are looking forward to bringing it to the rest of the world.


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What is Moola?

To raise funds for projects, we use our Moola currency that can be purchased from our online Moola store or at the time of funding a project that you show interest in. To fund your Moola account, you can choose to buy any amount of Moola you want, starting with just $5.

Is Moola Refundable?

Yes, unused Moola can always be refunded to your credit card or PayPal account that you made the original purchase with minus a 10% transaction fee that we need to charge to cover our operating costs.

What is QuickContribute?

QuickContribute is the ability to contribute funds directly to a campaign without signup or registration or request for TechTreasure rewards from the Inventor. Contributed funds will go directly to the Inventor's campaign minus processing fees.

How to obtain points as a TechMoover?

Each project you fund earns you 10 points. If you buy a product on the TechStore, you earn 5 points. Each project that you "like" via Facebook or share on your Tweets will earn you 2 point. If you get your buddy to fund a project that you suggested, you earn 5 points.

So spread the word, show your love, make it rain some Moola and get Mooving!

What is TechTreasure?

Each Inventor`s project offers rewards, or TechTreasure as we call it, in return for different Moola pledge amounts. For example, for a $5 Moola pledge you might get a cool LED flashlight or for $20 Moolas, a trendy collectible t-shirt. Each project will have a minimum funding campaign Moola target it needs to raise before those TechTreasure can be fulfilled. If that threshold is reached before the campaign is finished, then your name and email is provided to the Project`s Inventor so that they can send you your TechTreasure. If that minimum funding threshold is not reached, then your Moola pledge is returned to your account so that you can use it to fund other projects with.

Who can be a TechMoover?

To be eligible, you must:
-Be at least 18 years of age
-Sign up for a TechMoola account
-Have a major US credit/debit card or PayPal account.

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Some of our past projects

Zyppages Personal Internet Posting System

With Zyppages, you can publish content straight from your computer and your mobile number becomes your web address. Opens the Intenet to millions of n
Funded Pledged Days left
0 % $222 Closed

Stock Alerts via iapp

Stock Alerts with a proven 78% success rate. Get a push notification, see the chart and recommendation and then connect directly to your Etrade mobile
Funded Pledged Days left
5 % $1350 Closed

CerViva Cervical Cancer Test for Women

Make cervical cancer history with a new test that is low-cost, accurate and easy to use.
Funded Pledged Days left
63 % $15642 Closed

New FittleBug Online Service Booking System

Fund a new online tool for real-time booking of everyday services that make our lives better.
Funded Pledged Days left
1 % $310 Closed

MobiTheater - Mobile Movie Theater & Online Cinema

MobiTheater lets you watch hit new movies, on your computer, tablet, or phone, without having to visit the movie theater!
Funded Pledged Days left
3 % $1500 Closed

Make your plants live healthy and green with Plantpal!

Never worry about watering your plants & flowers. With PlantPal, it's all made easy!
Funded Pledged Days left
5 % $2500 Closed

Revolutionary Tracker: Wearable GPS enabled 3G smartphone/watch

A Family Solution Our GPS-enabled 3G wearable smartphones are tamper-resistant, easy to use and fun to wear. See where they all are, call them or lis
Funded Pledged Days left
1 % $2125 Closed

MeCam: The Hands-Free Body Worn Video Camera

MeCam is a small video camera that records in high quality video (720p), captures audio,and has infrared (IR) LED lights to record in lowlight
Funded Pledged Days left
10 % $1560 Closed