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Depending on how you call it, crowdfunding (or crowdsourcing as some know it) involves a group of people with similar interests in a cause or product each contributing funds to collectively reach a common goal. For a basic primer on the process, a little bit of Wikipedia is in order.

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With the economy getting slower and traditional investors like angels and venture capital funds becoming more cautious and frugal, crowdfunding steps in to fill the gap and help innovators and their business to get into first gear. Let's face it, investors are fickle and hard to please. But if you have a great invention and product, crowdfunding is the only way to directly appeal to the public to get their support and launch your enterprise and make it happen for real.

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Did you know that throughout the world, 40% of individual entrepreneurs and start-up companies are using crowdfunding mechanisms to jump-start projects and kick-their companies into full gear. Industries as diverse as biotechnology, manufacturing, green technology and internet companies are getting on board. Shouldn't you?

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Are you a scientist and have a big discovery of yours to turn into an amazing project? How about advancing your current scientific project to the point of a breakthrough that will allow the next latest and greatest in the technology world? Well, here's an article where scientists used Crowdfunding for just this.

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